Republic Auto

Servicing Packages

Our Engine Oil Servicing Package is designed to be transparent,
simple and provide outstanding value.
No matter how old your car is, our prices are fixed.
Japanese/Korean Cars
Oil Servicing Package:
$98 NETT
Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (5W-40)
Continental Cars
Oil Servicing Package:
$118 NETT
Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (5W-30/5W-40)

Job Scopes:

  1. Engine Oil (5W30/5W40 Fully Synthetic)
  2. Engine Oil Filter
Check & Top-up
  1. Windshield Washer Fluid
  2. Transmission Fluid
  3. Brake Fluid
  4. Power Steering Fluid
  5. Radiator Coolant/Water ratio
  6. Tyre Pressure
Functional Checks
  1. Battery Test (incl. Electrolyte Level check)
  2. Cooling System
  3. Cooling Hoses
  4. Drive Belt
  5. Operation of Horn
  6. Vehicle Lightings
  7. Parking Brake
  8. Engine Mounting
  9. Transmission Mounting
  10. Rear Brake Drum
  11. Rear Brake Shoes Thickness
  12. Windshield Wiper (Front & Rear*)
  13. Wiper Spray Nozzles
  1. Fuel Tank, Hoses & Pipe Lines for leak
  2. Rear Brake Pads Thickness
  3. Front Brake Pads Thickness
  4. Front & Rear Brake Discs
  5. Electronic System Check using Diagnostic System
  6. Reset Maintenance Indicator*
  7. Exhaust System
  8. Drive Axle Boots & CV Joints
  9. Check on any Oil leaks
  10. Check on any Fluid leaks
  11. Hybrid System*
  12. Tyre Condition

*if applicable