Why Republic Auto?

When it comes to choosing a pre-owned vehicle, it is always better to do so at a reliable and certified source. At Republic Auto, we aim to provide our customers with great products that were meticulously inspected and beautifully restored to the most optimal conditions. Let us walk you through on the journey of our Certified Pre-owned Cars to show you why you should consider your next purchase with us!

Journey of a Certified Pre-owned Car

Every pre-owned vehicle that we receive from our partners is carefully selected by us to make sure that they meet our Republic Auto's Certified Pre-Owned Quality. We base our selection against a strict set of criterions (age of vehicle, mileage of vehicle, drive of vehicle, history of vehicle etc.)
Every vehicle goes through an extensive 33-point Vehicle Certification by Cycle & Carriage Mercedes-Benz Workshops and Republic Auto In-house Workshop to scrutinize the essential components of the vehicle. Any repairs or replacement of parts (if any) will be performed at this stage.
Our technical specialists will take the vehicle out for a test-drive to ensure that it is road-worthy in terms of road traction, steering and braking. At the same time, we also make sure that the vehicle drives smoothly for its future owner.
After the vehicle is deemed to be in good working condition, we make sure that it is of Republic Auto's Certified Pre-Owned Quality. Dent and nicks will be removed, rims will be repaired and the paintwork will be beautifully restored by our In-house Paint Shop. To top it off, the vehicle will be polished to a shine without exception.
Next, the vehicle will go through an in-depth interior check and cleaning. Our In-house Groomers will make sure that the pre-owned vehicles that you purchase from Republic Auto will be "like new". Leather seats, steering wheel, dashboard, instrumental cluster, buttons and knobs will be restored and we leave no parts of the car untouched.
In the final stage of this journey, the vehicle is subjected to a final quality check to make sure that it is of Republic Auto's Certified Pre-Owned Quality. The vehicle will then be driven into the showroom. We spare no trouble to impress our customers.

Buying a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle from Republic Auto comes with other benefits that includes warranty and servicing credits. View our 'Certified Pre-Owned' listings page to find out more today!